TeamCity saved my day

I had crazy problem this morning – Groovy Core build was failing with StackOverflowException on some Windows configurations but not on Linux or Mac. Unfortunately, it happen after my commit several days ago, so I was somehow responsible for that.

I have only Mac. No Linux. No Windows. So my first idea was to ask someelse to take care for the bug. But you know what… It is somehow not very professional.

Fortunately, I found very simple solution. TeamCity Remote Build. 45 minutes and 15 builds and problem was located. I even was able to create test case, which also failing on my Mac. Really cool.

Now I have more serious problem – to understand how to fix it. But it is kind of more regular work.


One Response to TeamCity saved my day

  1. chanwit says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m interested to know how could you create a failed test case on your machine?
    Also any chance to be able to try TeamCity šŸ™‚



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