Grails Trainings in Scandinavia

We were asked about that very often and now it happened.

G2One, Inc., company behind both Grails and Groovy, and Callista Enterprise AB announce today series of public trainings in Scandinavia.

Göteborg 2008-09-08
Stockholm 2008-09-15
Malmö 2008-09-22

This 3 day course covers both Groovy language and Grails framework. After an introduction to the basics of the Groovy language, Students are taken through a step-by-step lab-driven experience on how to build a solid Grails application learning from the people who created the technology. We will start from basic but will go very deeply.

Full description of course can be found here

BTW, thanks to our friends from JetBrains each student will receive free 12 month license for IntelliJ IDEA

If you are interested to participate in one of these courses please register here or email to us on training at g2one dot com. Group discounts and discounts for students coming from non-Scandinavian countries are available, so we have what to talk about 🙂

And I totally forgot – many other European and North American locations of trainings will be announced very soon.


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